Sunday, April 13, 2014

Goings on around here ...

It's been fairly quiet here (on the blog that is ... not here ... because we really don't have many "quiet" moments here ... a few months ago I heard that noise is the heartbeat of the home ... our heartbeat is strong and steady ... and, while there are days that a little "peace and quiet" would be nice I know that one day we will miss it).

A lot of the noise comes from these pint-sized girls (although the boys add more than their fair share as well).
For journaling purposes, here's what we've been up to ...

Jack's baseball team has been practicing for about a month now.  He's excited to be playing!  Samuel's team will start in a few months.  So far most practices have been indoor as the fields are just not ready yet.  We are all looking forward to being at the ballpark!  Speaking of the ballpark, Jack is at the ballpark today with a buddy's family, cheering on our Milwaukee Brewers (go Brewers!).  Our family really does love us some baseball!

Samuel has been "practicing" for his school's upcoming spring concert.  It's sure to be entertaining and will capture the audience as only an elementary school spring singing concert can.

Lydia has a few weeks of preschool left at the Arts Center.  She recently had her screening for the school district and will be going to Jr. Kindergarten four half days a week starting in the fall.  Can't. Be. Possible.
Nora also has another upcoming screening coming up so that we can determine if she will just do speech in the fall at school or if she will be in their "preschool / early learning" program (likely the latter).  She "graduates" from speech with the birth to three program in July (when she turns three).  Unfortunately, Nora's current pathologist is only going to be with the program for a few more weeks so Nora will get another pathologist for the couple of months before her third birthday.  We are truly going to miss Miss Christina, the influence and relationship she has built with Nora and us has been such a blessing.

We don't do a spring break, mainly because it's hard for me to get away this time of year so we've been having fun planning a late summer road trip (nestled between the boys' baseball, camps and the start of football!).  Like Olaf would say, "let's bring back summer."  It seems we cannot go a day here without a conversation that is largely quotes / songs from Frozen ... that movie has us hooked!!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Go Wisconsin!

Sporting our Badger gear today ... much like we did when we celebrated Jack's birthday in the Fall!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Randomness ...

Saturday randomness ...
Practicing my non-braiding skills (my SIL is a pro at fancy braids ... I'm learning) ... Nice look for Lyds - baby in the carrier and her beloved Superman shirt ... 
Supporting my sweet Texas friend with this fun tee as they make their way to China (hopefully soon) to bring home their daughter ...
A recent round of selfies ...

Saturday, March 8, 2014

{Non}Sleeping Beauty

There are two questions that we often get asked regarding Nora's adjustment and development:

1.  Is she sleeping any better?
2.  How is her speech coming along?

In all honesty, I cringe at both of these questions as I can feel myself getting defensive, protecting my daughter and her insecurities and challenges.  Let's start with speech, this is an easy one - click over to Ashley's blog and see her post from yesterday ... I can relate to every single word, Ashley's words beautifully and honestly describe where we are also at with Nora and her speech. 

Now, let's talk sleep or lack thereof.  This is where I feel more protective as a common response we get from others, typically those a bit more removed from our family, is "she's still not sleeping through the night?"  And, then there's the dreaded, "but you haven't sleep trained her?"  It only it were that simple, I have to remind myself not to question our parenting of Nora.  We will never have intimate details of her first 15 months of life and how this plays into her nighttime fears and insecurities.  So for now, we will prayerfully, intentionally and unconditionally love this girl, and we will choose to rejoice over Nora's beautiful adjustment into our family, celebrating the adoption "hurdles" that we have overcome.
Photo taken early one morning this week after Nora was up for a two hour middle of the night stint ... rosy cheeks and all smiles ... thankful ...

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Lunchtime with Lydia

Her new trick ...

Never a dull moment, no, not ever!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

"Graduation" Sunday

Next Sunday is graduation Sunday at church - happens a few times a year when the preschool and younger kids who have had birthdays move to their next Sunday school class.  This was Lydia's last Sunday in "twos and threes", next week she moves to "fours and fives" while Nora stays in twos and threes.  This will be the first time that Nora doesn't have her mother hen with her in Sunday school. 
It could go so many different ways for both of the girls ... praying that it's a smooth transition.  Another milestone for Nora (and Lydia) as they gain independence.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Celebrating 40 Years

My parents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary on Friday ...
And yes, by admitting that I am also admitting that I am quickly approaching a "milestone" birthday. 
The kids were excited to celebrate Grandma and Grandpa today (and, by excited, I mean a bit wired). 
We also got my annual Valentine photo of the kids today ... sadly, they have outgrown being able to squish together on the chair as they have done in years past (here and here) and needed to pose by the fireplace.

Thankful for the privilege of doing life with my parents nearby!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentines a la Pinterest

Ah, good 'ole Pinterest ... never fails to suck precious moments from my day IF I let myself get absorbed, but in great Pinterest fashion it did not fail to deliver on some fun Valentine ideas for the kids' exchanges.

We did the same for both Samuel and Lydia's class (Samuel's exchange is tomorrow, and Lydia's was today).  Samuel wrote his name on his, and Jack graciously wrote out the all of Samuel's classmates' names (I think that Jack is secretly missing the days when he got to do classroom parties). 

Lydia just learned to write her name and did some of hers.  And, Nora helped sort ... and stack ... and sort ... and order the Starburst. 

It was fun to see what Lydia brought home from her exchange today ... and so obvious that there are a few other children in her class that may have Pinterest obsessed Moms.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Baby, it's cold outside ...

I love that some of my friends are pinning WARM destination vacation ideas and cute summer outfits ... makes me want to do the same.  I have a feeling that we are all going to be celebrating even when it consistently gets in the 20's here or when it's above zero in the morning!
For now though, we can imagine twirling in the sand ...

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Six Reasons Why We Love the Seattle Seahawks

Okay, so here it is, six reasons why we love the Seattle Seahawks:

#6 - Navy blue and lime green are quite a nice color combo

#5 - Russell Wilson's ties to Wisconsin (Go Badgers!)

#4 - Russell Wilson's athletic ability (and his ties to baseball, MVP of the Super Bowl going to Spring Training ... that's impressive)

#3 - The Seahawks in the Super Bowl gave us an excuse to make these brownies!

#2 - Our family on Whidbey Island (a ferry "drive" from Seattle)

And, #1 - My Grandma looks pretty sweet in a Seahawks jersey!  Love you, Grandma!  Lookin' Good!